Sunday, December 28, 2008

Susan G. Komen 3-Day

My sister walked in the Breast Cancer 3-day walk. She and about 1500 other participants walked altogether 60 miles over those three days while raising money for research. I am so proud of all the training and commitment my sister made to this cause. It was also a beautiful thing to see so many women (and even a few men!) coming together in an effort to find a cure for a killer that has touched so many of our lives. Abbey, my mom and I went out and cheered all three days for my sis - I know the going got tough at times but SHE DID IT!
Just keep walking, just keep walking....

Abbey fell asleep but she was cheering on the inside... really...

My sister walked for my great aunt Sylvia Babb and our good family friend Karen Steffend-Chopp - both passed away this past year.

Part of Stephie's team - Jessica and Leah. The other two members of the team had already called it a day and got swept - quitters....

Great job Stephanie!!! We are SO proud of you!

Just some really cute pics of my baby!

She loves grass!

It was a really sunny day!

She was having her own picnic!

So precious...

You didn't know a brush could taste so good!

Halloween Pics

Abbey all ready for trick-or-treating

My lil lamb!

This is what daddy carved for her!

She loved picking a pumpkin

Look at those blue eyes!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Ok, I know I am SUPER behind on pics. November totally got away from me but I will be posting those soon. We had quite a few adventures in the past month.

My big news though is totally baby-unrelated - sorry grandparents.

I passed my AEPAs! I am officially certified to teach high school English in the state of Arizona! WOOHOO!

I was pretty confident going in then did the whole second guessing thing- so the news today that I passed both tests was a big relief. Now to the process of lining up a job for next school year...

Also wanted to give a big shout out to my parents who celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary today. I know they have had their good days and their bad but they have always stuck it out and made it through the years. And anyone from a military family in particular knows how difficult they had it at points. They are a great example to Andy and me. We love you both very much!

Off to dinner now, but pictures soon to come - I promise!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

New pictures

I will upload October pics soon - including Halloween! Yippee!

A Brief History of Abbey! (Ok maybe not so brief)

Go ND!

Grandpa's Harley baby - missed 3rd place by .8 of a point in Harley photo contest!

Yummy - rice cereal! 6 months old

My blogging partner one day?

Baby blue eyes

What a cheese!

Found her feet - July '08 (4 months old)

Cheerleading already?

Playing with daddy

At Auntie Sarah's wedding

First trip to the beach - 2 1/2 months old

Learning to smile - and not just because of gas!

Kissable lips!

First professional picture

Such little hands!

About a month old

Sleeping with grandpa - just a few weeks old.

Abbey's first outfit - we have high expectations!

In Mommy's belly!

My First Blog

So I am finally giving in to the blogging phenomenon! Please stay patient with me as I figure out this whole set-up. I will be posting pics and updates as often as I can - Abbey is growing so fast! I know I have some people upset with me for not sending pictures more often - this was the best response I could come up with!